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BLYY “Between man and time crYstaL poetrY is in motion.” CD



Artist:BLYY Title:Between man and time crYstaL poetrY is in motion. Release:2020/7/22 Format: CD Include:17 Tracks No.: SMMT-144 (CD) XQMV-1016 Label:SUMMIT, Inc. Price:¥2,750(tax in) 1. MAN 2. Intro 3. OYKOT 4. Black Nylon 5. SI7 6. Goodbye tomorrow 7. Mystic River 8. KIIRO 9. swim in the city 10. Papersoul 11. Stage 12. Smith 13. Boys 2 Men 14. 山陽 15. Genius & Master 16. Outro 17. Time Crystal BLYY are… AKIYAHEAD, alled, clay, DMJ, Dzlu, DJ SHINJI all tracks produced by alled all recorded & mixed by Seiki Kitano @ BANG ON recordings mastered by ena photo by Kohei Miyashita, Yu Kajino total art direction by Ullah a&r : Takeya "takeyan” Masuda (SUMMIT, Inc.)